About Us

Delourva® is owned by Luvre Care Sdn Bhd (1136626-T). It was established on March 2015 and registered under The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.


Delourva® is a product specialized for school uniforms; including sports wear and school shoes. It acts as an agent to destroy dirt and is very effective on stains from spilled food and drinks. It is suitable for both white and colored clothing!


Delourva® is very helpful for mothers in relieving their problems regarding stubborn stains that are usually on children’s school wears. Cleaning is now easier and faster without any complicated processes and decreases the need to scrub beforehand. This is the perfect detergent for school clothes and mothers love Delourva™.

Now, school uniforms are more clean! They will appear tidy and comfortable upon entering school.

Thank you, Mom!